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video art | color | sound | 4'50'' | FullHD |  2024

In the spectacle of life, our main character emerges: a devotee to their own image, entirely focused on crafting perfection, not caring about all the chaos, suffering, and catastrophe around them. How far will the red carpet of uselessness go in the age of filters and likes? My best selfie to be seen and admired, regardless of what happens. Selfie-destruction is a work that calls for reflection on how we are inserted into unique universes, limited by large bubbles that form through algorithms. A call to see beyond social networks, to see the real universe and not just the virtual one. A mood in which one can hear two simultaneous moments of the same world or see two simultaneous worlds of the same moment. The calm and relaxing music of a waiting room, while we hear the sound of explosions that do not cease. The imminent encounter between ego and disaster is about to burst like a selfie-destruction.

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